Monday, November 7, 2011

Darling Little Diapers

 I had several sets of the absolutely darling little diapers donated a couple of weeks ago.  I have already used them at two photosessions.  These fill a very important gap in bereavement supplies.  Our Elizabeth was just under 3 pounds, and the smallest preemie diaper the hospital had fit her perfectly.  It's about the size of a maxi pad (sorry - best visual I could come up with :)!)  But what about all these teeny little peanuts that are born between 18-28 weeks that are anywhere from half a pound up to 1 1/2 pounds?  Most of the time, there simply isn't anything to cover their bums.  I have seen nurses fashion a "diaper" out of a piece of gauze, or even cutting up a regular diaper into a small one and trimming down the tabs.  None of those options are ideal.  That's why I got super excited when I first laid eyes on these.
Here they are on a cutting mat so that you can see the sizes.  Each square is one inch.  These were made by a woman near me as part of a service project to honor her own angel.  She made sets of two of each pattern so that the family will have one as a keepsake if they wish to bury their baby with the other one.  It's a very thoughtful gift.  I love these colorful patterned ones, but could also use lots of plain white ones.  Most of the clothing I have is white, and wild patterns show through.

You can click here to download the pattern.


  1. Here here to the sets of two. I was given a single set of gowns for my boys which I kept of course, but I had nothing to bury them in. I should have contacted Share to see if they had anything, but in those days between holding your angel, a hospital stay, burying them and all of the tasks in between it's just not something I knew where to go or something I thought of to find something for them.
    A set of two would have been wonderful!

  2. Thanks for posting this!! Utah Share picked it up and made tutorials for them! Nice to know about the white diapers; I'll be making some of those! Your gowns are gorgeous and I just LOVE your sewing day idea! LOVE IT.

  3. We started using lightweight fleece for well with no sewing....just make one. Of course you need to adjust your pattern by the seam allowance for the sizes.