Sunday, November 13, 2011

Service project results - gift boxes

 I rounded up a group of my angel mamas and set them to work with a stack of boxes, paint, scrapbook paper, ribbon, and mod podge, and this is what they came up with.  I love how unique each one is!  Beautiful work, ladies!  I know they will be appreciated by the families that receive them.  This is an ongoing need, and would be a great one for a youth project, women's group or even a sit-around-after-Thanksgiving-dinner family project.


  1. Thank you for putting this project together. They turned out beautiful. As a volunteer with Share parents I have already used 2 of them for sweet molds for families.

  2. Our hospital was out of these. Do you use wooden boxes or cardboard boxes? I assume you get them in any craft section/store. I'd love to make some.

  3. They are the paperboard boxes you can buy at any craft store. Depending on the size, the tiny ones are around a dollar, and the larger ones are 3-4 dollars.