Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Service need - gift boxes

I am contacted periodically by people wanting to do a service project of some sort.  It came to my attention this week when I was doing an angel session that SHARE Parent, a bereavement support organization in my area, is nearly completely out of gift boxes.  Volunteers from this group come and do hand and foot molds at the hospitals that aren't equipped to do it themselves, and they present the finished molds to the families in beautifully decorated boxes like the ones shown.  These photos are courtesy of some of my angel family friends.

Circle, oval and rectangle boxes are all appropriate.  They need to have enough space for some padding as well as up to full term baby size molds (generally of each hand a foot for a total of four).  These are all made of cardboard, the sort of boxes you can readily get at any craft store and decorate to your own taste.

 This family received two boxes - the top one is for the hand and foot molds, and the lower one was from the hospital for their blankets, clothing, and other keepsakes.  It is covered in fabric.

 I think this decoration is beautiful and tasteful.
 If you choose to make some of these, you may donate them to your local hospital, contact a SHARE chapter in your area, or if you're in the Salt Lake area, I will be happy to connect you with a SHARE volunteer here.


  1. You are so amazing!!! Thank You. I hope do put another project together for more as well.

  2. I live in the salt lake area and I have a niece that recently gave birth to an angel baby! I am so inspired to help any way I can! I have a sister who is amazing at crocheting and I am very crafty, so the keepsake boxes are right up my ally! Please let me know what you need most and anything I could do to help! My email is lovnmthrhd@digis.net, thanks for all you do