Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fighting the blahs

I can feel them creeping in.  I'm doing better this year than last, but 'tis the season for me until I get past Elizabeth's birthday.

Tell me your best two ways to kick the angel baby blues to the curb.  (I suspect we can all use it at this time of the year).


  1. Feel it creeping too...I'm not sure. I have the new baby, and I am still not getting excited about his first Xmas.
    Trying to focus on that.....

  2. I try to lose myself in some sort of service project. Ya, you have several of those going on. I also try to hit some of the art displays (BYU MOA, Springville MOA), maybe a concert or two. Still hard and it's been five years. I keep thinking it should be easier. It's not easier really, just different from year to year. I still get emotional over the silliest things.

  3. Heidi, give that darling babe of yours an extra smooch from me. Rainbow babies are the best! Though still, they bring up all sorts of crazy emotions.

    Jerri, I agree. It's been 6 years now for us and each year has been different. There are months that it seems impossible to summon up the emotional energy to hold a sewing day or to go on photosessions, but I just make myself keep putting one foot in front of the other and I'm always glad on the other side of it.

    I also find that exercise is really, really, really important for me, especially in the winter. If I can run outside in daylight at least twice or three times per week, it makes a huge difference.

    Perhaps we should start a chain of silly jokes...