Monday, September 26, 2011

Partner Organization Spotlight: Salt Lake Prenatal Massage

 I had the pleasure of visiting with Tammy Adams (left) and Rebecca Overson (right) last week at the Salt Lake Prenatal Massage clinic that Rebecca owns.  Tammy is an angel mama, and as a result of her experience with massage after her loss, she has created a Massage after Baby Loss program.  Tammy and Rebecca are working on gathering data about the benefits of massage in the process of healing, and have created a series of discounted massages for those that are willing to fill out a survey after each session.  Tammy has also offered a single free massage for angel mamas in the area.  Please contact her for details.
 Don't let the name of the clinic fool you.  Rebecca and her staff cater to women of all needs, not just pregnant women.  They have set aside one massage room specifically for loss moms that is devoid of artwork or other pregnant reminders that may be painful triggers.  I expressed my concern that angel moms may feel uncomfortable coming to the clinic at a time when the waiting room is full of blossoming bellies, and Tammy said they have made accommodations to schedule appointments to avoid that.
 The waiting area is welcoming and comfortable, the sort of place that helps you immediately relax.
 Rebecca has hired an impressive staff to work at her clinic.  They offer many services beyond massage, including yoga and other exercise classes geared particularly to the needs of their clientele.

Recognizing that it is often difficult for moms to get child care in order to make it to a massage appointment, the clinic offers nannying on site for a reasonable fee if notified at the time of booking.
My daughter checked out the play room and it met with her approval.

So what's the big deal about massage?  I can tell you from personal experience that it is not simply a  back rub.  Many loss moms have emotional and physical triggers associated with their birth experience that can be worked through with the assistance of a skilled massage therapist.  I wish that I had thought of scheduling massages during the time between when I found out that Elizabeth had a fatal prognosis and when I gave birth.  I believe it would have helped me process my grief in a more positive manner, and helped me relax and bond with her more fully before she was born.  Instead, I remember those twelve weeks as being intensely stressful and full of more negative emotions than positive ones. I am still sad about it.  Therefore, I am passing on this resource in hopes that it can help other angel moms have a better experience.

If you're looking for the nice thing to do for a friend or family member going through a loss, a massage is a great gift.  I get asked frequently for ideas, and this is one of my favorites!


  1. Tammy Adams is amazing! This post just blesses my heart! Love it!

  2. So true. I think I cried during my first session after I lost Jamie. I wish I had gotten a massage before too. But I was too scared to go into labor! It would have been a nice "mommy and me" trip!

  3. Agreed, Heidi. I have since come to realize how beneficial massage is, not just as a "gosh this feels nice on my muscles" thing, but as an emotional release.